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The whats and whys

Picture this: you've hired a law firm for an urgent document. You wait a few days and chase them up. 10 days later, you get what looks like a template document, which is not tailored to your business and will never work. You then get a bill in the mail.

Don't do it to yourself. Use us instead!

We provide speedy, skilled and practical advice. Contracts that work for your business. Quick, decisive phone calls and short emails, not pages of written advice.
No waiting weeks for a response. No over-complicated, over-engineered agreements. No ego. No jargon. No judgement. No unexpected bills. No calling a call centre.

Just awesome expertise and an amazing client service. Crazy, huh?


Kelsey Hunter

Kelsey Hunter is a senior employment and industrial relations solicitor, who couples her top-tier legal background with her experience as a senior HR professional, leading complex multi-year and multi-jurisdictional projects. Clients love her guidance, not only on the law but also on strategy and practical implementation.
Prior to founding Jade, Kelsey worked as a specialist employment lawyer in private practice at MinterEllison and in an in-house capacity at big corporates, including UBS, IAG and Hudson. She has worked on the full ambit of employment law matters, including a groundbreaking High Court case.
Kelsey has strong experience across all industries, from professional services, banking, finance and insurance, to technology start-ups, retail, media and recruitment. Her clients have previously included Westpac, Macquarie Group, Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths, Facebook, Carma - and now, you!
Kelsey thrives on making the 'impossible' come to life, challenging by asking 'how could we?', rather than 'no.'

Got Questions?

We got answers

Are you a law firm?

You betcha. We are an incorporated legal practice registered with the Law Society. We hold professional indemnity insurance. Our lawyers are also members of a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. You can 100% rely on the advice we give you. No cowboys here.

Which locations do you service?

We can provide advice to any person or business across the world, so long as the advice is about Australian law.

Do you have an office?

No. All our people work remotely. We are always happy to travel to you to meet face-to-face for an introduction or to deliver training. However, we intentionally choose not to spend money on expensive real estate – so we can keep our fees affordable.

What areas do you specialise in?

We can support you in any commercial law or employment law matters.

For commercial law, think business law – for example, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, supplier agreements, client terms, or privacy policies.

For employment law, think workplace law – essentially, anything relating to a person employed or engaged by your business. This might relate to employee or contractor agreements, restraints of trade, modern award interpretation, employee disputes, bullying, harassment, discrimination, performance management, termination, Fair Work claims… the list goes on.

For HR, we can offer the full spectrum based on your needs. Need reactive HR, dealing with people issues? Sure. Need something more strategic, delivering programs of work? We can do this too.

We support start-ups, all the way to established big corporates.

We don’t provide personal legal services (like wills, estates, personal injury or conveyancing).

What’s the difference between Jade and other firms?

In a word: Lots.

Firstly, our expertise. We're top-tier experts. This means lawyers trained at top-tier firms. Our lawyers were previously billed out between $400-$800 per hour. You won’t pay that here. But, you will get the same, awesome advice that has traditionally been given to the likes of Google, Facebook and Woolworths -  just delivered remotely. If a different law firm is offering something more cheaply, you should ask what expertise the lawyer actually doing your work has.

Secondly, our service. We love servicing our clients, and we hate pretentiousness. We’re great at what we do, but we despise the ego and judgement that sometimes can come from the big firms. You won’t get that here.

We’re also entirely committed to tailoring solutions to your business. We understand the realities of business may mean that being 100% compliant isn’t actually commercial. We provide practical advice, that suits your business – no cookie cutter approach here. You also won’t be given a call centre number to try your luck with a different person each time - you’ll speak to your lawyer.

Thirdly, our billing approach. You choose how you want to pay us. If you don’t want to pay per hour, we can give you absolute price certainty with a fixed fee or monthly retainer option. No worries.

Fourthly, our engagement approach. We never ask you for money up front. We will never lock you in to a monthly retainer spanning years. Our aim is to work with you for many years – we’re relationship driven, not transaction driven. The way we do that is by providing a great service so you will choose us, not by legally forcing you to work with us. We figure – if the service is great, why would we need to?

There’s a lot more – but you get the gist.

How do I get started and what’s the process?

Give us a call! We’ll chat to you to find out more about your business and what you need. Once we know this, we can recommend an option that is tailored to your business. We don’t do off-the-shelf packages or pricing packages, because we don’t do cookie-cutter, generic approaches. We’d prefer to understand what you want, and tailor something that suits you.

You say you’re speedy – what does this mean?

It means we’re speedy. We are responsive. We promise you’ll never be left wondering as to whether we received your email, or when you might get something. If something is urgent, we will deliver to the timeframe. But even if not, you’ll always know when you can expect something, and you’ll get it, every time.

What is a monthly retainer and am I ‘locked in’ to Jade Legal?

A monthly retainer means we agree a fee for a certain scope of services. Then, you can call us any time in that month for any business as usual work that arises. You don’t need to worry about the clock ticking. Some months, you may need us more than others. We get that, and we won’t charge you more for those months.

We will never lock you in. You can cancel any time by providing one month’s notice. We don’t believe in forcing you to sign a contract where you’ll stay with us forever. Rather, we just want to provide an awesome service so you don’t want to leave. Novel, huh?

We’ll regularly review the retainer amount. If we are consistently doing a bit more work than expected, we’ll just have a chat to you about it. If we’re doing less than expected, we’ll reduce the fee. It’s a long term relationship for us, not a transaction.

How much is a monthly retainer option?

Well, this entirely depends on your business. You might already have a legal or HR department, so you only need us for overflow work. Or, you might want us to act as your in-house legal or HR department.

First step is to have a chat and find out more about you. Then, we’ll put together a proposal with an agreed fee. Then, we’ll start!

As a guide only, retainers could be $1,000 per month up to $15,000 per month depending on service needs. We will always work with you to find something that suits. Most retainers sit around the $4,000-$8,000 mark, but if that’s too much for you – don’t be put off, we can still tailor something for you.

Do I need to make payment upfront?

No. Unlike other law firms, we won’t ask you for payment until we have completed the services. We trust our clients, and again it’s all about making a better, more seamless legal experience. 


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